Discover Japan is a partnership between the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre and the Association for Japanese Culture

Discover Japan

Are you interested in hands-on and up-to-date information on Japan?
Do you want to make your School Trip / Activity Day educational,
memorable and sensational?

Our highly academic programs, which augment the Ontario Curriculum for Social Studies Japan, are important to Canada for survival in the new millennium.

The Association for Japanese Culture (A.J.C) has brought Japan "live" to schools since 1978 and these programs have been raved about as "the best school trip ever" by teachers and students. This new partnership between the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre and the A.J.C. will bring the Discover Japan project to new heights. Discover Japan will be unparalleled in the quality of material delivered and provide exciting, unique and innovative hands-on experiences for students across Ontario.

There are many units of programs and half or a full-day session can be arranged. It runs from 10:00am to 2:00pm at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre.

School Trip Programs

Morning Session: 10:00 am - 11:30 am (2 units)
Afternoon Session: 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm (2 units)

*Full day participants must bring their own lunch

Sample Program Selection and Approximate Cost for Full-day Experience

For 30 students participating in the units Kimono, Toys and Games, Origami, and Japanese Writing System: $250

Please choose two units of programs for each morning or afternoon session:



This traditional Japanese costume is now worn only for special occasions such as weddings, tea ceremonies, formal parties, and festivals. KIMONO is worn with OBI (sash), TABI (socks) and ZORI (footwear) or GETA (clogs)

Tea Ceremony


CHANOYU or SADO is an aesthetic form of serving and drinking powdered green tea called MATCHA. The spirit of the ceremony, influenced by Zen, aims to purify one's soul.

Japanese Food


Traditionally the Japanese diet has consisted mainlty of rice, seafood, soybean products, and fruits and vegetables, reflecting Japan's characteristic topography and climate.

Hands on Calligraphy


This hands-on program is a half-day workshop to provide students with an opportunity to write Japanese characters on Japanese paper with SUMI ink.

Canadian Trading Partner


Japan is Canada's important export market and source of imports. Canada exports materials such as lumber, coal, grain/seed,

Medieval Japan and Samurai


The SAMURAI were medieval warriors in Japan. With panels and videos, students will learn about the SAMURAI and their contribution to Japanese culture.

Story Telling


KAMISHIBAI (paper drama) is a form of storytelling accompanied by a sequence of pictures. This gives a more dramatic effect than telling stories with an ordinary book. An old Japanese fable is told in this method.

Toys and Games


Traditional Japanese toys are paper balloons, bamboo dragon flies, bean bags, KENDAMA (a wooden ball attached to a sword), HANETUKI (a pair of wooden rackets and a birdie) and DARUMA OTOSHI.



A sheet of ORIGAMI paper is a perfect square, colored on only one side for contrast. The creativity for transforming a sheet of paper into dimensional shapes is infinite.



Age-appropriate craft activities may include KOKESHI doll or SHIORI (bookmark) doll. Objects are made with exquisite Japanese papers supplemented by Canadian materials.

Festivals and Dance


A short video shows annual events and community festivals throughout Japan. (Participation) - BON-ODORI (casual dance). Each students wears a HAPPI (cotton jacket) and HACHIMAKI (headband)

Japanese Writing System


KANJI, HIRAGANA, and KATAKANA are the three kinds of characters used in writing the Japanese language. KANJI was brought from China in the 5th century. HIRAGANA and KATAKANA contain 46 letters each.

The following units are also available, please call or email us for more details:

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